Casablanca, Meknes & Fez, Morocco

I’ve just arrived in Jordan for a three week trip through Jordan, Turkey and Israel. A close friend of mine is having his wedding in Tel Aviv in October, so I thought I might squeeze in a few weeks of travelling through the Middle East.
Keeping with the theme, I still haven’t had a chance to post my photos from my trip to Morocco last September. So I’m hoping to get these pics finally posted, before I start with this year’s trip.
I travelled through Morocco last year with Gecko’s Adventures for two weeks. I had always wanted to visit Morocco and was so glad to finally have a chance to travel through these amazing country. I had done a lot of travel through Europe and South America previously, so going to an Islamic country was a bit of an eye opening, but as the photos can attest, it was spectacular.
To follow are photos from Midelt, the Sahara, Tordra Gorge, Ait Benhaddou, Marakech and finally my favourite, Essaouria.

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