Andalusia, Spain

Whilst in southern Spain, we took a little road trip from Seville to explore the landscapes, from the dry hinterland to the breezy Mediterranean coast, and of course the famous white hilltop towns of Andalusia. Our route took us firstly to Vejer de la Frontera, where we explored its quaint narrow streets and marvelled at the beautiful whitewashed houses, whilst enjoying an ice-cream with the locals in the heat of the clear summer’s day. Next we headed to Zahara de los Atunes, hoping to soak in some sun and cool off in the clear Mediterranean (we were unfortunately a bit disappointed, as the strong southern African winds made sunbaking rather unpleasant). Next stop was the historic seaside town of Cadiz. Being more sheltered from the winds, we enjoyed a tasty lunch by the beach, and spent the remainder of the afternoon lazing in the sun and bathing in the enticingly cool sea. We head back to Seville at dusk, making a quick stop at Arcos de la Frontera for an afternoon snack before watching the sun set over the freeway.

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Getting there:
We hired a car from the Europcar office at Seville train station. With a GPS is quite easy to find your way around Andalusia. Going south from Seville, take the E-5/AP-4 freeway and this connects you to minor roads throughout Andalusia. There are so many hilltop and seaside towns to visit in this area, each being unique and all of which have their own beauty. Do a bit of research on where you want to go and what you want to see, as there are so many places it is difficult to choose. If these is something interesting on the side of the road, stop and take some photos too! I wish we had a few more days exploring the rural and coastal areas, and the little towns of Andalusia, as it was so interesting and beautiful.

Eat:Andalusia has some amazing food. In small towns, try to discover where the locals eat. These will probably be the best places, as they will hopefully be using local and fresh produce. On the coast, always try the seafood. Remember, it can get extremely hot in Andalusia during the summer months, so keep hydrated with lots of water and I always tuck into a few ice-creams too! Track down some local gelatarias.