The Fleurieu Peninsula, Australia

After a day exploring the Adelaide Hills, we went south of Adelaide to explore the stunning Fleurieu Peninsula – it stunning coastline, beautiful national parks and the fantastic wineries of McLaren Vale.

First stop was Newland Head Conservation Park, stopping at Parsons Beach to take a hike along the coastal track, which forms part of the Heysen Trail. The coastline was absolutely stunning and the ocean so turquoise and clear. We walked over headlands and along beaches, before heading north-west to Port Willunga for lunch.

At Port Willunga we stopped at the Star of Greece restaurant and bistro for some fish and chips (not minding the calories). We were so impressed with Port Willunga Beach – it reminded me of somewhere in the south of Spain. The yellow cliffs which hug the beach are spectacular – the place was stunning! After lunch, wandered along the beach, which was busy with weekend holiday makers.

Next stop was Mclaren Vale for some wine tasting. We were overwhelmed by the vast number of wineries located in such a small space. McLaren Vale was not quite as scenic as the Adelaide Hills, but we were in some luck and visited some quaint little wineries on beautiful estates.

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The Star of Greece restaurant at Port Willunga. Fantastically situated about the beach, with a sunkissed view of the expansive ocean below, it’s difficult to drive past without stopping for lunch and taking in the view. If you’re after something a bit kinder to the wallet, there is a take-away fish and chips stand just outside the restaurant entrance – there really isn’t anything better than sitting on the beach enjoying a delicious lunch.

Our favourite winery in McLaren Vale was by far Dogridge Wine. Located in a little tin shed, beside a creek, you can sit outside in the shade of the guntrees, take in the scenery and enjoy the fine wine. Our favourites were their Wylpena Chardonnay and the PUP Sauvignon Blanc.


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