Nara, Japan

Initially I wasn’t too keen to visit Nara – all I heard about that was that there was a giant Buddha and a park full of deer. But I was pleasantly surprised by this small town, more than half of which is covered with parkland. Nara is a beautiful day out from Osaka or Kyoto, where you can spend a day picnicking in the park, exploring the temple and feeding the deer special deer biscuits which you can purchase from vendors in the park. And also be amazing by the giant Buddha (the largest bronze Buddha statue in the world). In the end, I was glad that we spent a day in Nara.

IMG_3286 IMG_3287 IMG_3292 IMG_3301 IMG_3306 IMG_3321 IMG_3323 IMG_3325 Untitled-26 IMG_3332 IMG_3333 IMG_3347 IMG_3351 Untitled-27 IMG_3362 Untitled-31 IMG_3376 IMG_3386 IMG_3390 IMG_3392 Untitled-32 IMG_3394 IMG_3395 IMG_3400 IMG_3402 IMG_3410 Untitled-33 IMG_3413 IMG_3420 IMG_3427 IMG_3429 IMG_3434 IMG_3447 IMG_3449 IMG_3452 IMG_3472 IMG_3480 IMG_3482 IMG_3483Essentials:

Getting There:
For JR Pass holders, there is one train from both Kyoto and Osaka, which run half hourly from Kyoto and every 15 minutes from Osaka. When you arrive at Nara JR Station, it’s a leisurely 1.5km walk through the town to the park.

Purchase good luck amulets from Todai-ji (the temple which houses the giant Buddha). A great souvenir to bring home from Japan. I bought a number for myself and my family.



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