Coron, The Philippines

Our final day in Palawan was spent exploring the lagoons and reefs near Coron. I’d seen photos of these lakes whilst researching for the trip and was keen to visit them. We have half a day free in Coron, before we flew back to Manila, so we had just enough time to explore these lagoons and reefs. Our Tao Philippines guide found us a boat to take us out for a few hours, where we visited Barracuda Lake and Twin Lagoon, as well as a small reef on the way back to Coron. Barracuda Lake was magnificent, with its crystal clear water and amazing underwater rock formations. Our next stop was Twin Lagoon. Here the boat parked on one side of the lagoon whilst we swam beneath the hole in the rock to the other side of the lagoon. The place was breathtaking (sorry I don’t have any photos as I couldn’t take my camera under water). On our way back to Coron, we stopped at a small reef for a bit of snorkelling and then headed back to the town to catch our flight.

So almost 10 fabulous days were spent in northern Palawan, giving me amazing experiences and memories I will never forget. I highly recommend a visit to Palawan, especially taking a trip with Tao Philippines.
IMG_1110 IMG_1114 IMG_1118 IMG_1115 IMG_1119 IMG_1132 Untitled-3 IMG_1150 Untitled-1 IMG_1154Untitled-2 IMG_1168 IMG_1167 Untitled-4 IMG_1176 IMG_1179 IMG_1184 Untitled-5 IMG_1203 IMG_1217 IMG_1222 IMG_1225


3 thoughts on “Coron, The Philippines

  1. Beautiful photos from a beautiful corner of the Philippines! Looking at your photos reminds me that there are so many places in the country I have yet to visit. That clear blue and turquoise water, who can resist that?

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