Tao Philippines, Day Five

Day five was both a great day and a sad day. It was great in the same way as the previous four days of the Tao Philippines trip were, but it was a sad day in that it was the final day of our trip. We woke up to one of the most beautiful sunrises during the trip. After our usual serving on fresh tropical fruit and a special breakfast of mango pancakes with sliced bananas in a sugar syrup, we bade farewell to Patsy Camp, our final and perhaps nicest camp of our trip.

We were blessed today to have some of the calmest, most crystal clear water during the entire trip. Long forgotten were the first to days of windy weather and rough seas – in the morning the water was so motionless, that it almost looked like a swimming pool (but the largest, most beautiful swimming pool that you’ll ever see). On the way to Coron (our final destination) we stopped at two Japanese wrecks from WWII and spent some time exploring these wrecks whilst snorkelling. Both of the wrecks are located in shallow water. The first one, Wsong Wreck, is in such shallow water that the tip of it sticks out of the water. The visibility around Wsong Wreck was fantastic and there were many different and colourful fish to be seen around the wreck. We were not so lucky at Tangat Wreck, where the visibility was very poor that day.

Day five was also the final day of the trip for our fantastic crew. And, unlike us who were sad to leave, they were celebrating the start of their ‘weekend’. And yes, they did celebrate. As we were nearing Coron, the crew sat up on the top deck, with a bottle of rum or two, and sang and danced the afternoon away. They provided us with some great entertainment. It might sound a bit unprofessional, but I have to hand it to them, they were some of the most dedicated and hardworking people I have seen (even though they probably have one of the best jobs in the world – I wouldn’t mind being on a boat with my friends, taking a bunch of tourist around the remote islands of northern Palawan. Beats sitting in an office, in front of a computer every day). The entire trip ran smoothly and everything was done to a great standard. So, I think their early weekend was well deserved.

It was a little sad saying goodbye to the boat we travelled on for the previous five days. But we caught up with the crew and our fellow travellers in Coron that night for dinner and drinks. I have to say I was extremely impressed with the Tao Philippines trip and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking to travel in The Philippines. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to jump onto a Tao Philippines boat again sometime soon.
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