Tao Philippines, Day Two

Day Two on the Tao Philippines trip was spectacular, as anticipated. Aside from some rough seas and a few sick travellers, the day passed well. We woke up to be served by an array from fresh fruit (which continued each morning of the trip) followed by a hearty breakfast. We had a tour of The Farm (an organic farm set up by Tao Philippines to educate and employ the local people. It was also our camp for the previous night). At about 9 or 10am we set out on the boat again and the day followed much the same as the previous day – filled with snorkelling, sun-baking, eating delicious food and idling the hours away.  We visited N. Calibangbangan and Cali Villiage.

We had lunch at one of the most beautiful bays I have ever seen – the water was so clear and aqua that it almost didn’t look real. During our lunch we had a little visit by two local twin boys who decided to swim out to our boat (about 100m from shore) and joined us for lunch. The antics and conversation amused us for a good half an hour or so.

Before reaching Kulalayan Camp, our destination for the night, we witnessed a beautiful Philippine sunset. Dinner was yet another delicious meal, followed by an entertaining night of Karaoke. I have to admit that the crew on the boat put in a greater effort than any of us embarrassed travellers. There were a handful left singing and partying until the early hours of the morning.
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