Jaffa, Israel

So sadly this is my final post from my trip through Jordan, Israel and Turkey. And what a fantastic place to end it off with – the quaint little port town of Jaffa.

Jaffa, located in the southern-most part of Tel Aviv, was once its own quite town, but has now become almost a suburb of Tel Aviv due to the urban sprawl. Although it is only about a 45 minute walk from the centre of Tel Aviv (and a lovely walk too, along the beachside promenade), it still retains its old world charm. Jaffa is very small and can easily be explored in half a day. Stroll through the cobblestone streets, see the men fishing at the port, enjoy a lovely lunch in one of the many cafes and restaurants, or take a seat by the seaside and take in the sunset…

We stumbled across great area in Jaffa, just behind the flea markets, near Nahman Street. Here we found a handful of streets, sprinkled with bars, cafes, restaurants and boutique stores (I wish I had more time so I could have gone back and made a few purchases). We spent the afternoon relaxing with a few drinks in hand, until the sun went down over Jaffa.IMG_6950 Untitled-3 IMG_6962 IMG_6966 IMG_6973 IMG_6976 Untitled-4 IMG_6988 IMG_6989 Untitled-5 Untitled-6 IMG_7004 IMG_7022 IMG_7034 IMG_7044 IMG_7046 Untitled-7 IMG_7054 IMG_7055 Untitled-8 IMG_7063 IMG_7064 IMG_7067 IMG_7068 IMG_7069 IMG_7074 IMG_7078 IMG_7081 IMG_7085 IMG_7089 IMG_7093 IMG_7101


Getting There:
You can get to Jaffa from central Tel Aviv by taking a leisurely stroll along the beachside promenade, heading south. This takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Alternatively, just jump into a taxi.

To do:
Check out the food markets (a very up-market market) near the port – there is some amazing food to be had here and the atmosphere is great, although a little noisy with the many weekend day-trippers trying to get some lunch. If you are after a more chilled out atmosphere away from the tourists and with the locals, find these streets behind the flea market, sit down in one of the many outdoor bars and cafes and listen to some tunes whilst enjoying the sea breeze



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