Amman, Jordan

This is the first post from my recent trip to the Middle East, namely Jordan, Turkey & Israel. I made a reasonably short trip to this area (when I travel, I tend to like going for at least a month or two, so three weeks for me is quite shirt), but absolutely loved it.

I began my travels in Amman, joining a seven day tour of Joran with Topdeck – I arrived in Amman early on the morning prior to the day of the tour commencement, do I had a day to explore the city.

The staff at the hotel were very helpful in advising me how to get to the centre with a taxi, ensuring me that it was perfectly safe. Even though Jordan is situated in a area of the world which is currently full of turmoil, Jordan has a surprisingly low level of crime and Amman is quite a safe city to navigate alone. So I spent the day exploring downtown and visiting the citadel and roman theatre.
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Getting around:
Taxis are the best mode of transport in Amman – they are cheap and are everywhere. A trip anywhere in the city shouldn’t cost you more than a few dinars.

I found a awesome street vendor in downtown selling felafel sandwiches (pita bread stuffed with felafels, hommus & french fries) for a dinar. Also head to the downtown fruit markets for an amazing array of fresh fruit, from figs to pomegranates, peaches and dates.

Don’t miss:
Head to Rainbow Street for a night out on the town. Full of both local and international people, the vibe is young and upbeat. There is a plethora of bars, restaurants and cafes, with friendly staff and great atmospheres. This seems to be the place to be if you are anyone and everyone.


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