The Sahara Desert, Morocco


One of my favourite experiences in Morocco was spending a night camping in The Sahara Desert. We set out in the late afternoon for a one hour camel ride to a desert camp, where we had a delicious meal prepared for us and we spent the night under that stars. We rose early in the morning to climb to the peak of one of the sand dunes to watch the sun rise. Such a once in a lifetime experience. A must do on any visit to Morocco.

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Midelt, Morocco


We spent a day driving through the rural areas of western Morocco. Seeing these barren landscapes, farming communities and apple orchards of Midelt. It was a nice change from the frantic cities of Casablanca and Fez – the air was fresher, the people friendlier and the atmosphere was much more relaxed. And some of the landscapes were spectacular.
IMG_8338 IMG_8345 IMG_8347 IMG_8354 IMG_8374 IMG_8375 IMG_8391 IMG_8392 IMG_8398 IMG_8402 IMG_8409 IMG_8416 IMG_8419 IMG_8421 IMG_8424 IMG_8426 IMG_8432 IMG_8441 IMG_8446 IMG_8459 IMG_8468 IMG_8480

Casablanca, Meknes & Fez, Morocco

I’ve just arrived in Jordan for a three week trip through Jordan, Turkey and Israel. A close friend of mine is having his wedding in Tel Aviv in October, so I thought I might squeeze in a few weeks of travelling through the Middle East.
Keeping with the theme, I still haven’t had a chance to post my photos from my trip to Morocco last September. So I’m hoping to get these pics finally posted, before I start with this year’s trip.
I travelled through Morocco last year with Gecko’s Adventures for two weeks. I had always wanted to visit Morocco and was so glad to finally have a chance to travel through these amazing country. I had done a lot of travel through Europe and South America previously, so going to an Islamic country was a bit of an eye opening, but as the photos can attest, it was spectacular.
To follow are photos from Midelt, the Sahara, Tordra Gorge, Ait Benhaddou, Marakech and finally my favourite, Essaouria.

IMG_0066 IMG_0071 Untitled-1 IMG_0099 IMG_0102 IMG_0105 IMG_0109 IMG_0111 IMG_0129 IMG_0135 IMG_0139 IMG_8203 IMG_8208 IMG_8210 IMG_8216 IMG_8220 IMG_8222 IMG_8223 Untitled-3 Untitled-2 IMG_8253 IMG_8259 Untitled-22 IMG_8268 IMG_8271 IMG_8280 IMG_8281 IMG_8287 IMG_8288 IMG_8296

Waitakere Ranges, New Zealand

I spent another weekend in New Zealand visiting my boyfriend who is currently working in Auckland. After a rainy Saturday, we were blessed with somewhat clear weather and decided, with a couple of friends, to take a Sunday drive , to Waitakere Rangers, located on the west coast, about an hour’s drive from Auckland CBD. Yet again, the spectacular natural beauty of New Zealand’s north island failed to disappoint. We visited Piha and Karekare (the beach were the movie The Piano was filmed) and were amazing at the rugged beauty of these beaches and the lushness of the near by rainforests.

We are still deciding where to go on my next weekend visit in October (after a short visit to the Middle East to attend a good friend’s wedding in Tel Aviv) – either the Bay of Islands or the Coromandel. So keep posted for some more photos and inspiration.
IMG_4375 Untitled-1 IMG_4445 NZ1 IMG_4392 Untitled-2 IMG_4410IMG_4481 Untitled-3 IMG_4491 Untitled-4Untitled-6 Untitled-7 IMG_4594 IMG_4607 Untitled-8 IMG_4614 Untitled-9 IMG_4637IMG_4660 Essentials

Getting there:
I recommend you hire a car in Auckland – having your own car gives you so much more freedom and I’m not sure what the public transport is like from Auckland to Waitakere, if at all it exists. Take the freeway out west and then follow the signs to Waitakere, Piha and Karekare. Maybe it’s best to take a GPS with you just in case.

We had a great lunch at Piha Cafe. They do amazing pizzas and have a great selection of healthy salads, cakes and drinks. The interiors a beautiful and it has a great laid back atmosphere and friendly staff.