South America Wrap-Up

So to cap it off my South American adventure blog posts, here is a list of my favourite things to see and do on the continent:

Santiago, Chile:
Ice-cream at Emporio La Rosa (absolutely to die for, especially the lucuma and esencia de rosa flavours)
– The Clinic, restaurant/bar/night club – amazing interiors and great atmosphere
– Strolling through Providencia neighbourhood – tree lined streets, beautiful houses, parks
– The view across Santiago to the Andes from Cerro Santa Lucia

Cusco + surrounds, Peru:
– Mercado Central, Cusco – amazing chicken noodle soup, fruit smoothies and handcrafts
– Machu Picchu – AMAZING!
– A three-day trek through the Lares Valley – the beautiful children we met along the way – from Lares to Ollataytambo
– Manu National Park (a least 4-5 days, our 3 day trip was a bit too short) – trekking through the Amazon, seeing monkeys, sleeping in cute little cabins in the middle of nowhere
– The view over Cusco from El Christo Blanco, Cusco

Lake Titicaca, Peru + Bolivia:
– Copacabana and our beautiful hostel room at Hostal La Cupola
– Day trip to Uros Islands
– Overnight stay at Isla del Sol to experience the spectacular sunsets and sunrises

Atacama Desert, Bolivia + Chile:
– 3 day 4WD trip through the Salar de Uyuni and the Atacama Desert
– San Pedro de Atacama
– The incredible landscape at Moon Valley (Val de la Luna)

Buenos Aires, Argentina:
– San Telmo Sunday markets – and the Dulce de Leche sold in ice-cream cones!
– La Recoleta Cemetery + markets
– The interesting architecture and traditional Argentinian BBQ lunch in La Boca

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay:
– Lunch at El Drugstore
– Strolling through the cobble-stone streets of the UNESCO Heritage Listed Barrio Historico

Posadas Region, Argentina:
– The ruins of the San Ignacio Mini Jesuit Mission
– The Iguazu Waterfalls – a spectacular wonder of nature


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