The Children of the Lares Valley, Peru

November last year I spent one amazing month travelling through parts of South America. One highlight of the trip was a three day trek through the Lares Valley, from Lares hot springs to Ollantaytambo. The trek, also known as ‘The Weaver’s Way’, is named after the weaving communities of Vilcabamba, Huacahuasi and Patachancha which one passes along the way. Although it passes some breathtaking scenery, it isn’t a trip for the faint hearted, as it consist of three days of trekking at high altitudes, with a high mountain pass (The Ipsayjasa Pass) at a height of 4450m. The most memorable aspect of this trek were the children which we passed along the way. Their happy, yet dirty faces, lightened our long days of trekking. At times a few of them joined us for an hour or two as we crossed valleys and rivers, and some came by our campsite to play a few games, to show us their homes and to receive a share of our popcorn and chocolate.


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